X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor


X-View for CCTV Control Rooms. Video walls, Data walls for IP Camera's, DVR's, NVR's security monitoring & command walls. View hundreds of IP Camera's, DVR's/ NVR's on video walls with 1 to 64 displays in full HD+ resolution.
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X-View Video Walls make for captivating TV studio backdrops, with high resolution and full vertical synchronization, the X-View video wall provides the perfect look for any set.
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X-View for video walls, media walls, Digital signage, Data walls & Meeting rooms, Conferences, NOC’s, Exhibition displays and much more
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X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

X-View Video Walls for CCTV Monitoring.

X-View video wall controllers provide the perfect solution for any security and CCTV monitoring control rooms. X-Views versatile display options enable the central video wall to be created with display monitors mounted in either landscape, portrait or a combination of both. This functionality enables control room designers to maximize the display of hundreds of cameras within a restricted space.

X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

X-View Multitude of Inputs

A wide selection of X-View’s input cards enables any source to be displayed on the video wall in perfect high resolution, from conventional composite video cameras as well as SDI/HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI and IP CCTV cameras and NVR’s, every input can be displayed on the video wall.

Unlimited Layouts

X-View’s video wall, Wall Control Application provides users the ability to save and recall unlimited number of custom layouts. At any time, users can directly manipulate the display windows in real time, to scale and position them as needed on the video wall or at the click of a button change the entire wall display layout.

Event Driven Video Walls

X-View ‘s flexible 3rd party control options allow easy integration with other systems to enable the wall display to change when certain alarms or events are triggered, control options include the ability to control the X-View video wall layouts via RS232 or via LAN.

LAN Control Without Additional Cost

X-View video wall control application can be installed to any number of client control PC’s without having to purchase additional per seat licenses. Users running X-View Wall Control Application on their PC can change layouts as needed.

24/7/365 Reliable Operation

To minimize chance of failure and to carry out fast repairs in the event of any problems, the X-View video wall controllers have a number of built in benefit’s which includes:

Redundant Power supplies, with plug in replaceable modules

Dual RAID disks to keep system running even if one disk fails

Complete system temperature monitoring, alarms and reporting

Plugin PCIe input output cards that can be loaded into any slot

Remote assistance and help direct from e-mediavision’s engineers

Control Room Video Wall Design, Installation and Support

X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

e-mediavision can provide a full service to include the control room video wall design, integration, installation and commissioning and support services. Please contact us with your requirement to learn more.


Our Products

X-View DPX-E

X-View DPX-E multi-image display processors enable real time display of multiple video, computer and IP streams on one or more display screens. X-View provides dual functionality in terms of a video wall processor and multiviewer in a single solution.
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X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

X-View Scheduler

X-View Scheduler application provides additional system functionality by allowing time and date based layout changes. The scheduler enables an Hourly, Daily and Weekly playlist to be created and loaded and when the scheduler is run the system will automatically change layouts at the preset times.
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X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

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