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DVI-DL 1 to 8 Way Distribution

1:8 Dual-Link DVI Distribution Amplifier

X-View XV-DL8 - X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

XV-DL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution Dual-Link DVI signals.

One Dual-Link DVI input, supporting graphics sources with pixel clocks up to 330MHz and resolutions beyond Quad-HD (3840 x 2160) can be delivered to eight outputs on separate DVI-D (Dual-Link) connectors.

The XV-DL8 is the perfect for use with up to eight X-View XV-X4 stand alone video wall controllers, each of which can accept one of the Dual-Link outputs from the XV-DL8 and select four arbitary regions from it for display on standard DVI (Single Link)/ HDMI display monitors. In this way display walls of up to 32 screens can be assembled quickly and easily, and since the XV-DL8 gurantees that all eight outputs are excatly locked to the source, all these 32 screens can be frame-locked for optimum display of creative, dynamic content.

The XV-DL8 presents a fully programmable EDID to the graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame-rate.

The EDID data can be programmed from the supplied application using USB connection or can be simply smpled from a connected monitor or XV-X4 using a front panel switch.

At high resolutions, DVI signals cannot normally be extended beyond 5M cables due to the nature of signal losses inherent in DVI cables and connectors. X-View XV-DL8 has added active EQ and Re-Clocking hardware on the XV-DL8 input port which is able to compensate for these losses and support cable lengths of up to 20m even at full Dual-Link resolutions (330MHz Pixel Clocks).

Lower resolutions will allow even longer cable lengths. The high quality re-clocking signal processing ensures that any timing skews that might be introduced by lower cost cables can be corrected within the XV-DL8, maxi,ising the signal quality of the output signals.

The XV-DL8 coupled with the XV-X4 can also be used with standard X-View Video Wall processor to create large multi input display walls with frame locked outputs for applications in TV Studios.

Multiple XV-DL8 units can be daisy chained to create larger distribution arrangements.

The XV-DL8 is housed in a compact 1RU 19" Rack mount frame for ease of installation.


Physical Dimensions 19"-Rack mount (1U) (438mm x 40mm x 172 mm)
Input Connectors DVI-D (Dual Link) USB (Type B) for host communications IEC mains power inlet
Output Connectors 8 x DVI-D (Dual Link)
Front panel Controls Push button for EDID sampling. Three LED indicator lamps (Power/Input/Status) and flashing feedback for USB communications or EDID button press.
Input Capabilities Incorporates TMDS re-clocking equalizer to support up to 20m cables(1) Programmable EDID to indicate preferred mode. No limit to aspect ratios or frame rates of DVI signals that can be accepted, provided they remain within the Dual-Link 330MHz specification Input is not HDCP compatible.
Output Capabilities Supports up to 5m cables into standard DVI receiver(2)
Composite Video Capture CCIR601 sampling. PAL, NTSC, SECAM formats automatically detected
USB Connection Supports USB 2.0 for programming of input EDID parameters using X-View dL8 Control application
Power Requirements Universal power supply (100-240V).25W maximum(1)
Operating Temperature 0 to 35 ºC ( 32 to 96ºF) Internal Fan cooling
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Input Devices Includes keyboard and mouse - USB
Warranty 1 Year

Model Code Description
XV-DL8 1 to 8 Dual-Link Distribution Amplifier

X-View XV-DL8 - X-View Multiviewer & Videowall Processor

We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.


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